Tikkey A. Shelien

"...Þat he fylsened þe faythful in þe falce lawe
To forfare þe falce in þe faythe trwe."

Purity, ll. 1678

Tikkey the Fox at IX X*mas Day, 24.01.98The author sanctioned somehow this Internet publication. The author's works are being published from time to time in FidoNet. Many of them are being performed by the "Bashnya Rowan" (Rowan Tower) band under author's personal guidance and auspicions. The official page of this band can be found at rowan.hole.ru, and visiting it is highly recommended (Russian language only so far).

The author has also a great amount of other texts, among them virces and songs; I work constantly on acquiring them, processing them, translating them and publishing them. The new works of the author are coming also.

Presently the author lives in St.-Petersburg and makes his living, so far as I know, by selling books. You can try to contact the author through FidoNet 2:5030/784.7@FidoNet.org, or with the help of Evgeny Kirtsideli or Katy J. Trend (FidoNet 2:5030/386.69, 2:5030/207.69).

The relations between me and this author won't be related here.

Currently the collection amounts to 4 songs I have succeeded to translate into English.