Akhziv: The Government

Eli Avivi, born about 1937 AC in Iran, climbed to Israel in the age of two. After returning from his voyages around the world as a seaman and having served in PaLYa''M (Israeli Navy Forces), where he fought in Independence War, being then 24, he found deserted village of Akhziv, occupied the empty Moukhtar house in the center of it, restored it and built there the state of his dream; dream of freedom, union with nature and Holy Land spirit.

About 1960ies AC, when commercial structures began to build on the borders of Eli's custody hotels, pay-in parks, cut the access to the sea and started to annex Eli's lands, Eli took his gun, came out to the fence and promised to shot anyone who will break it. Then he went to the capital, used all his charisma and all his diplomatic connections and signed with Israeli Premier Minister of those days a treaty, according to which State of Israel leased the lands to Eli Avivi for 99 years.

Eli proclaimed the independent state of Achzivland, with its flag, coat of arms and anthem. This state makes its own stamps in the passports of the visitors and honourable citizens. The state harbours museum of antiquities found by Eli on his lands, museum of domestic and social life of Middle East and Israel in 19-20 centuries (situated in Israeli town of Karmiel), majestic exhibition of Eli's photographic art and a whole lot of attractions for every romantic spirit.

Eli Avivi

Eli Avivi

Rina Avivi