Akhziv: Contacts

How you can get there? Plane or ship to Israel; train or bus to Naharia (there's no direct bus, get to Haifa first); from Naharia central bus and railroad station set to the Highway No. 4 (some 100 m) and turn northwards; You can wait for a route bus, hitch a ride, take taxi or move on foot – it's not more than 4 km from you then. Follow Highway No. 4 northwards until it will be crossed by railroad. From there some 40 meters on you will see a blue signpost showing left and saying that there you will find ice-cream, soft drinks and something else. This is it. Enter the outer gate, follow the climb to Parliament Height, enter inner gate, find Eli or Rina and tell them we love them as ever. They speak Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, English, German, French and, perhaps, many other languages.

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