Katy J. Trend

Unofficial page

Since 1992 or a little earlier I know that wonderful creature (I can't call her a man; but I can't call her just a woman either, because Katy is half-elven on her mother's side. But her own autobiography she better tells herself on her own page, to the further joy of all the progressive mankind.) What you find here is my reflection of my vision of Katy, not more. As a rule, all materials are published on her agreement, but that does not imply that they all are approved by her. Most of all, in fact, and a general course and style. Her silent approval is what I always had to be content with.

Katy creates prose, poems, songs, pictures; besides she is professional woodcutter (she was the cutter of the 'Shtandart' frigate, which was recently launched and entitled in St.Petersburg in presence of Andrew Prince of York), and works also on skin, bone and other matters; the pictures of that works will appear sooner or later here. In everyday life Katy is true to herself every minute, and this is a great art too, even the main one, though it surely can't be presented here as it should be. Katy J. Trend is no subject to formalization, you just have to know her, as close as you happen, though, no doubt, there is a border which none of us will cross, and no one must even get close to this border. Some helpless efforts to acquaint you with what I know and what I think of Katy I made when published some of her messages and notes (that were posted to the echo-conferences and thus, theoretically, were meant for almost anyone), and also by adjoining my comments to her works.

Since 1990, if I'm not wrong, Katy's creative activity is bound unbreakingly with the "Ptitsa Si" music band, where she is permanent leader*. I played in this band since summer'92 up to spring'97, and this is – as I have summarized recently after sufficient considerations – the band whose music I love the best.

Life-art of Katy J. Trend cannot be imagined without such concepts as Karelian Isthme, Petrogradskaya Side of St.Petersburg, St.Petersburg of 1980ies-1990ies of the passing century.I believe that there will inevitably come the time when these concepts will not be imaginable without Katy J. Trend.

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